EMSC World Cup Tournament Information

All games will be played at Coleman Country Day Camp located at:
Coleman Country Day Camp
55 Babylon Turnpike Freeport, NY 11520.

Coleman Country Turf Field Information:
- NO CLEATS permitted on turf fields
- Spectators must not block entrance\exit of the facilities, especially bubble

Tournament Registration:
All coaches must arrive 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled game in their division regardless of what time your first game is to review tournament rules and expectations. Please be sure to bring the appropriate documentation the day of the tournament. Please make sure you arrive for registration on time, with all the appropriate forms and documentation. Registration will take place in the Coleman Café located across from the Coleman Bubble. At the end of your session, awards for 1st, 2nd place and individual MVPs will be presented in the Coleman Theater (unless you are the last session). If your team must leave prior to the award ceremony please let a tournament official know as a player on your team might h ave been awarded an MVP award.

Documents Needed Day of Tournament:
Signed Medical Releases
Signed\Approved Guest Player Forms (if applicable)
Official Team Roster
Proof of Birth\Player Passes

Tournament Documentation:
Coaches must bring a completed roster (a form is available on the tournament website), birth certificates or player passes for all players (including guest players, who must have guest player form approved by LIJSL\NYCSL or your local league if required) and medical releases for all players (your own form will do or you may use the form available on tournament website). Medical releases do not need to be notarized. Immediately following the last game of your session, there will be an awards ceremony in the Coleman Theatre. Please ask your players to stay for the awards ceremony as there will be individual awards presented in addition to first and second place trophies.

Electronic Registration:
- Coaches have the option to register electronically to save time the day of the tournament.
- To register electronically, please scan the documents listed below to PDF
- E-Mail the PDF to - info@eastmeadowsoccer.com

Time Management:
. The tournament operates with a running clock, the clock will not stop for any reason
. It is critical that the tournament operate on time
. Our volunteers who are managing the score board and clock have been instructed to start the clock regardless of whether or not the teams have taken the field
. As a result, please ensure to have your lineup ready and your players on the field prepared to start
. Likewise, at the end of your gam e, please have your players exit the field as quickly as possible
. If you are taking a long time to exit the field, you will be asked to exit quickly, please understand our volunteers are doing this to ensure that we do not impact the start of the next game.
. Do not have teams do handshakes on the field, this should take place off the field - Especially in the bubble.
. Please have your players bring only their water to the player\coach sideline, players do not need to bring their soccer bags to the player sideline in the bubble, it just takes more time for them to retrieve their bags at the conclusion of the game.

Coleman Playhouse & Bubble Exit & Entrance
Parents & Spectators must not block the exit and entrance in both turf field facilities. This especially becomes an area of concern in the Bubble. If you are standing in front of the revolving door, this creates a fire hazard, you will be ask to move either by Tournament Staff or Coleman Staff.

Tournament Café & Theater
Registration & Coaches will take place in the Coleman Cafe, which is located across the large bubble after you enter the facility. Most of the award ceremonies will take place in the Coleman Theater, which is located behind the Coleman Café. If you are leaving before the award ceremony, please check with Tournament Staff to be sure one of your players did not win one of the MVP awards.


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