EMSC Indoor Tournament Rules

East Meadow Soccer Club Indoor Tournament Rules

Team schedules and duration of games will be distributed at registration, which shall be 45 minutes before the start of the session. Teams that are not present will forfeit their 1st game.   Games will begin immediately following registration.  It is imperative that all teams be ready 5 minutes prior to their next game to avoid delaying the tournament.  Those teams that are not prepared for play will again forfeit their game.  The following are the rules for this tournament.  Please instruct all players and parents accordingly.

  1. Each team can dress the following players:
  • U6 - U8     10 players
  • U9 - U10   14 players                                         
  • U12-U20   18 players

Each team may have the following players on the playing surface at any given time during the game:

  • Coleman Playhouse: 5 Players (max)
  • Coleman Bubble:  7 Players (max)
  • Coleman Dome 9 Players (max)

NO player may be allowed to play on more than one team in the same flight unless approved by the Tournament Director.  Coaches MUST have birth certificates and Medical Releases, which need not to be notarized but local hospitals might request it.

  1. Substitutions may take place at any time during the game (on the fly), but the field player must be completely off the field before the substitutions may enter the field from the centerline.  The penalty for this infraction will be change of possession.
  2. The offside rules are NOT in effect.
  3. All re-starts will be an indirect free kick with the exception of Penalty kicks.
  4. An indirect kick must touch 2 players…one of which may be the goalie, will be awarded to the opposing team if a goal kick or a goalkeeper clearing is thrown over the half line without either touching a player from either team or bouncing first (No Drop Kicking By The Goalkeeper).  Such kicks will be placed at center court.  Kickoffs to begin a game or after a goal is scored are considered indirect.  
  5. If the ball hits the ceiling or any other obstruction directly above the playing field, an indirect kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the centerline.
  6. The penalty for handling the ball or fouling outside the penalty area will be an indirect free kick at the point of the infraction.  Inside the penalty area, the penalty will be a DIRECT free kick from the TEN YARD LINE.  Our referee’s have been instructed not to tolerate any “dangerous physical play or unsportsmanlike conduct”.
  7. Passing the ball back to the goalie is permitted, however, the goalie is considered a field player and cannot use his/her hands.
  8. If the referee from the game ejects a player, the player is eliminated from the game, plus one additional game, and the team must play shorthanded for the remainder of that game.  Also, the player and the team will be reported to the appropriate governing bodies.
  9. Players MUST wear sneakers or soccer shoes and MUST wear shin guards.  Only the goalies may wear long pants, no casts permitted.  In the event of a color conflict, the designated home team will be obligated to change to an alternate jersey.  Goalies must wear contrasting jerseys. 
  10. STANDINGS:  Highest number of goals scored by a team will naturally decide the winner of the game.  Three (3) points will be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie, no points for a loss.  In the event of a points tie, the following tie breakers will be used in the following order:
    • Head to Head:  If more than two teams are tied, this criteria is eliminated
    • Most wins
    • Least goals allowed
    • Goal Differential (5 goal limit)
    • Bonus Points: 1 bonus point will be awarded for each 2-goal increment above the opposing team.

Example:  2 to 0 = 1 bonus point                        4 to 0 = 2 bonus points

No more than 2 bonus points will be awarded for any one game.  No bonus points deleted for losses.  In the event of a ONE-SIDED GAME, COACHES ARE REQUESTED TO BE CONSIDERATE OF THE SCORE.



  • 1st, 2nd, PLACE, Rest of (U6 – U8) Teams will get participation awards.
  • BEST GOALIE, DEFENDER, FORWARD and MVP awards will also be given.

Each team participating in the tournament will do so at its own risk and agree to accept responsibility for injury.  The decision of the referees and the tournament officials will be final and binding and not subject to discussion.  Coaches are asked to remind their parents that we are hoping for enjoyable day of soccer.  The most important objective should be for the experience and enjoyment of our children.  In the unlikely event that a coach or responsible party receives a RED CARD, he or she must remove themselves from the gym for the remainder of the game and for one additional game.  The team will also play short 1 player for the remainder of the game and for one additional game.  As you can see we will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct.


Cancellation prior to tournament weekend - All entry fee money will be refunded less expense incurred to date.

Cancellation during tournament weekend – No entry fee refunds can be made for cancellation of the tournament in whole or part due to conditions outside the control of the hosting club, i.e. Inclement weather.


The tournament committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament, including interpretation of the rules and regulations.

**This is a no patch exchange tournament.

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