Kwik Goal Set-up Guide


                             Kwik Goal Set-up Guide


Kwik Goal Components

1. Lay all the pieces on the ground in assambly order by following color coded dots (green-green, ect.)

2. Thread net on one of the top bars, statring at one of the top corner tags and continuing to the other top corner tag.

3. Connect both top bars together.

4. Connect all four shoes (ground spikes) to matching color coded posts.

5. Connect side posts to top bar.

6. Erect goal at desired location (note this can be done one side at a time if working alone)

7. WARNING: Under no circumstances should a hammer be used to hit ground shoes into the ground, dammage could occur to the goal. A pilot peg is provided with the goal to be used when encountering hard ground. Hit the pilot hole peg into the ground at desired location, remove peg and place ground shoe (spike) from goal into hole and insert into ground with foot pressure.

8. Attach net around plates located on ground shoes. Attach net to upright post with velcro straps evenly spaced.

9. Pull net backwards from goal and fasten to ground with net pegs.


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