Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many games will we get to play?

A: U9-U19: 3 games minimum guaranteed. 


Q: How much is the tournament application fee?

A: The 2022 tournament fees are:  U9-U10: $700, U11-U12: $750, U13-U19: $800


Q. What is the tournament registration deadline?

A: The deadline is July 31st. It is highly recommended that teams apply as soon as possible because each year teams have to be turned away.


Q: I can't remember our team's record for the last two tournaments we entered. Can we submit an application without that?

A: Yes. The seasonal record and tournament record, though, help us make sure we place your team with peers at the same level of competition.


Q: My spring U-12 team will be U-13 in the fall. What age group are we for registration purposes?

A: As of August 1st all teams move up one age group. Teams should indicate their current age group at the time of registration. 


Q: OK, so it's D-Day for tournament registrations. Are registrations closed?

A: Please feel free to submit your team's application. Late registrations cannot be guaranteed a spot in the tournament. If your team's age group is filled, for example, your team's application fee will be returned. Once your team is accepted, no refunds will be provided. We will place late registrations on a waiting list. It is very possible that your team can still get in if we need to even out divisions, but again this is not guaranteed. We will guarantee placement only if you register before July 31st and provided we can place your team in a competitive bracket.


Q: My team's coach will be coaching another team in the tournament. Will you make sure he can be at both team's games?

A: Due to the complexity of scheduling teams we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request. However, we will do our very best to accommodate a coach who is coaching two teams.


Q: Do medical release forms have to be notarized?

A: NO. However it is a good idea to have them notarized. If your teams forms are notarized already, that's fine. They don't have to be redone.


Q: Can I use last years medical release form?

A: If the information is still accurate and the signature is still valid, yes. You may use your own form and you do not have to use the one provided on our website.


Q: What if one of my players forgot to bring his/her Medical Release form?

A: Have the parent fill out another one and sign it. Since it doesn't have to be notarized, that's all you need.


Q: Can I use the medical release forms we use in our league?

A: Yes. As long as the medical release form authorizes treatment in the absence of the parent/legal guardian, we are fine with that.


Q: One of my players observes specific medical practices as part of his beliefs. Does he have to sign the medical release form as well?

A: Certain religious traditions and cultural heritages may require specific terminology to properly direct emergency medical personnel. That's OK. Some traditions may require changes to common authorizations. Other groups may require special authorizations. As long as we have signed permission to act on behalf of the parent/legal guardian if he/she is notpresent when treatment is needed, the release form should be suitable. Check with the tournament director if you are not sure.


Q: How many guest players can I bring to the tournament?

A: U9-U12 - Up to 3 guest players will be allowed; U13-U19 - Up to 4 guest players will be allowed.


Q: My guest players are from a recreational league team. Do they need medical release forms as well?

A: Yes. Every player in the tournament must have a signed medical release form.


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